Welcome Message from
Brent A. Conkle President & CEO

On behalf of all of us at Business Across Cultures, BAC Recruitment and our Alliance Partners it is my great pleasure to welcome you to our new homepage and community.

To best describe who we are I think it easiest to say that we are a collaboration of:

Human Resource professionals working together to build an ideal world by establishing our sustainable sets of best practices.

It is our sincere desire that each time you visit us at this site, you will get one step closer to realizing (y)our fullest potential.

To maximize the likely hood that you'll get the most from our site and services I encourage you to relax your mind as you read and identify at least ONE thing that resonates deep within you. In doing so we have found this to be the focal point on identifying how best we can support you and help you achieve success. We recommend first starting with our Mission Vision and Values to see what commonality is there before moving on to other areas of our site.

Additionally, my partners and I would like to ask you that when you find something here that is of benefit to someone you care about that you take the time to share that information with them. In doing so we are all guaranteed success in making a real difference in the quality of life.

In closing we look forward to answering your inquiries and ALWAYS appreciate any suggestions on how we can better serve you, your organization and improve the world we live in.

Brent A. Conkle

What is our mission?

Our mission is to build sustainable individual and organizational growth through innovative modern human resource consulting that are based on a common vision and set of values leading to an ideal world community.

What is our desired Vision of the future and our role in that future?

The model Vision of our community is one that defines itself in terms of thought, energy, and action. Under the ideal reality we are creating, the public will come to know us according to the following observable accomplishments:

What are the benefits of our Values within the context of our 21st century world?

Our common set of values offer an opportunity for a sustainable, principled way of life rooted in the following: